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MinesoftPatentOrder Overview


What is PatentOrder ?

PatentOrder is a fast, reliable and high quality patent documentation service that retrieves complete patent documents from over 50 countries and delivers them straight to your inbox or local PC in a
single PDF file.

“Powered by Minesoft - a leading developer and innovator in patent software solutions” - and backed up by outstanding customer service and technical support, PatentOrder remains one of the fastest and most widely used document delivery engines in the industry, over a decade after it was first launched. Find out more here.


Who Are We?

Minesoft is a leading scientific and technological online publisher and software solutions provider, specialising in global patent information... Read more...


How does
PatentOrder work?

PatentOrder locates patent documents from public and private patent servers around the world including the European Patent Office (EPO) espacenet service, the United States Patent Office (USPTO), and Depatisnet (the comprehensive German Patent Office service) for their important collections, and from an array of other servers picking up documents from every continent to deliver them instantly, on demand.

light “With key authorities available
on day of publication”
, each document is delivered as a single PDF file - many of which are searchable - and all documents ordered are centrally archived for easy subsequent access and retrieval. The flexibility of options (Desktop or Web are available) ensures there is a state-of-the-art PatentOrder solution to meet every need. Read more here.


PatentOrder Desktop

A single-user application run locally on your PC , the Desktop version of PatentOrder allows you to order multiple documents, track orders, and save documents to your local PC, and includes a patent family and legal status look-up facility. This solution is ideal for the individual user to conveniently order documents, independently
from any other service.
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intranet version

PatentOrder Web

A corporate-wide solution to centralise patent document and archiving throughout the entire organisation at low cost and high speed , PatentOrder Web can be used also by just a small group of users at a subscribing organisation, providing further access flexibility. The interface can be customised and integrated into existing in-house systems or Intranets, or into other Minesoft products & solutions.
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